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The Invoice Summary report is replacing the Invoice Summary Classic report


Author: ADP Admin/Tuesday, February 2, 2021/Categories: News

The Invoice Summary report was redesigned on July 11, 2020. To allow time for transition to the new report, users were able to access the original report labeled Invoice Summary Classic.


Effective Feb. 6, 2021, the Invoice Summary Classic report will no longer be available. The benefits of the new enhanced Invoice Summary report are:


·       Features such as Totals by Plan, Eligibility Group and more.

·       Ability to review and modify the default runtime settings before you run the report.

·       Generate the report output in Excel format, enabling you to sort and filter report output.

·       Show invoice amounts with two decimal places in the report output.

·       View runtime settings in the report output.

·       Save reports with customized settings. 

·       View saved reports in the My Reports section.

Access the Invoice Summary report from WFN under Reports > Standard Reports > Benefits Invoices > Invoice Summary.